Pearled Unicorn5
Pearled UnicornA
Pearled UnicornB
Pearled UnicornU
Pearled UnicornR
Pearled Unicorn4

Nome: Unicorno Perlaceo
Nome Inglese: Pearled Unicorn
Espansione e Rarità: AC, BC, UC, RC, 4C, 5C
Colore: Bianco
Costo di Mana: 2W
Costo di Mana Convertito: 3
Tipo: Creatura - Unicorno
Forza/Costituzione: 2/2
Testo dell'Oracolo: np
Testo di Colore:

(Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta, Quinta)"‘Do you know, I always thought Unicorns were fabulous monsters, too? I never saw one alive before' ‘Well, now that we have seen each other,' said the Unicorn, ‘if you'll believe in me, I'll believe in you.'" — Lewis Carroll


Esp. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta: Cornelius Brudi

Esp. Quinta: David A. Cherry

Legale in: Tipo 1, Tipo 1.5

Collegamenti EsterniModifica


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