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Nome: Silvantropi Radice di Ferro
Nome Inglese: Ironroot Treefolk
Espansione e Rarità: AC, BC, UC, RC, 4C, 5C
Colore: Verde
Costo di Mana: 4G
Costo di Mana Convertito: 5
Tipo: Creatura - Silvantropo
Forza/Costituzione: 3/5
Testo dell'Oracolo: np
Testo di Colore:

(Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta)The mating habits of Treefolk, particularly the stalwart Ironroot Treefolk, are truly absurd. Molasses comes to mind. It's amazing the species can survive at all given such protracted periods of mate selection, conjugation, and gestation.

(Quinta)"I'll show you how to handle the treefolk! the giant bragged, and he strode off into the forest. Two days later he returned, his faced masked in sap and a nest behind his ear. None dared ask who won" - Azeworai, "The Treeling"


Esp. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta: Jesper Myrfors

Esp. Quinta: Jerry Tiritilli

Legale in: Tipo 1, Tipo 1.5

Collegamenti EsterniModifica


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