Timber Wolves4
Timber WolvesA
Timber WolvesB
Timber WolvesU
Timber WolvesR

Nome: Lupi dei Boschi
Nome Inglese: Timber Wolves
Espansione e Rarità: AR, BR, UR, RR, 4R
Colore: Verde
Costo di Mana: G
Costo di Mana Convertito: 1
Tipo: Creatura - Lupo
Forza/Costituzione: 1/1
Testo dell'Oracolo: Branco
Testo di Colore: (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta)Though many think of Wolves as solitary predators, they are actually extremely social animals. During a hunt they often call to each other, which can be quite unsettling for their prey.
Illustrazione: Esp. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta: Melissa A. Benson
Legale in: Tipo 1, Tipo 1.5

Collegamenti EsterniModifica


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