Water ElementalST
Water ElementalA
Water ElementalB
Water ElementalU
Water ElementalR
Water Elemental4

Nome: Elementale dell'Acqua
Nome Inglese: Water Elemental
Espansione e Rarità: AU, BU, UU, RU, 4U, STU
Colore: Blu
Costo di Mana: 3UU
Costo di Mana Convertito: 5
Tipo: Creatura - Elementale
Forza/Costituzione: 5/4
Testo della Carta: np
Testo di Colore:

(Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta)Unpredictable as the sea itself, Water Elementals shift without warning from tranquility to tempest. Capricious and fickle, they flow restlessly from one shape to another, expressing their moods with their physical forms.

(Starter 1999)The water that a ship sails on is the same water that swallows it up. -Chinese proverb

Illustrazione: Esp. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Quarta, Starter 1999: Jeff A. Menges
Legale in: Tipo 1, Tipo 1.5

Collegamenti EsterniModifica


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